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Can teachers improve the outcomes of their students if they leverage the power of the internet? A new partnership between ed-Web and ilearnOhio has resulted in an e-learning platform that connects Ohio teachers with educators, resources, and learning management systems.

The new online community shares the goals of teachers in improving classroom outcomes,
said Kevin Holtsberry of ilearnOhio.

Social Media

The combined platform offers the social media elements of edWeb. This online community is a starting place for educators to build online relationships. The platform is “a place where teachers can go to network and interact and get feedback without the distractions of other social networking platforms that may not be focused on what they need,” said Holtsberry.

Learning Management

The learning management elements of the system are provided by ilearnOhio, an e-learning platform funded by the Ohio General Assembly. Teachers can use this part of the platform to take attendance, build standards-based curricula, and give assessments. The new system allows effective teachers to share their successes by uploading curricula for other educators.

“The result of this partnership is that we will see hybrid professional development opportunities that grow beyond both platforms,” said Brad A. Henry, Director of Technology, eStudent Services at Ohio State.

Supporting Technology for K-12 Education

In addition to creating this platform, Ohio has recently allocated new funds to support technology in K-12 education. The legislature  pledged $6 million in grants to school districts seeking to integrate new electronic resources into iLearnOhio and $250 million in grants for education delivered online, according to Brad Henry.


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