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The US first conference focusing solely on mobile learning is being held April 6, 7, and 8 in Phoenix, Arizona. Check out the website and see all the great presenters.

* Mobile Learning Experience 2011 website and registration is now online! – Please spread the word! #mobile2011

Mobile learning can happen anywhere: in a classroom, at the dinning room table, on a bus, in front of a science exhibit, at the zoo…anywhere! Portability is not as important as the ability of the learner to connect, communicate, collaborate, and create using tools that are readily at hand. Here are some examples:

* A learner may take notes on her phone and later transfers them to a laptop where she adds images and shares the document online with her study group.

* A student who does not understand a math concept finds a podcast to view that visually explains the concept.

* During class a group of students create flashcards that they can access from their handheld computers at home.

* Students film video using their cell phones and transfer it to a computer for editing. The video is saved to a website for classmates to learn from.

* While reading historical fiction, a student wants to know more about President Nixon, so he instantly accesses the article about Watergate online and views the Watergate complex on an interactive map.