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HI A360s visitors,

I have developed my first ANDROID APP.

I am proud to say that now you can view my A306s blog on your Android phone. YES on your ANDROID PHONE.

To install A360s please follow the link on your mobile device:

Click here

Android logo

Happy AppMaking!







Apple lover, I am in process for your guys too 🙂

Tom Chatfield thinks about games — what we want from them, what we get from them, and how we might use our hard-wired desire for a gamer’s reward to change the way we learn…

Nice video, a research on why we tend to learn more languages in our early age… it is see the video below

How to Set and Reach Your Goals in 2011

Ask few questions to your self:

  • Where Are You Now?

  • What Happened with Your Goals Last Year?

  • Where Would You Like to Be Next Year?

  • Ensuring You Make It

  • Your Goals (check it again….and again)


So what are you goals for 2011? ………………….Please share!


|| To All ||

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