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The first time I came across GoVenture´s mobile app I was doing some research for xAPI Design Program organized by ADL (I will write more about this in the upcoming weeks). I was looking for some ways to integrate gamification with existing learning solutions in order to make them more effective and engaging.
Let´s imagine the following scenario:

Your company will be launching a new product in two weeks´ time and every sales representative needs to know about its features/specifications. Do you need an eLearning course? A 5-hour workshop? Or, will you be distributing a 120-page manual? Let´s try something different: every day during the next ten days, employees will receive a short video or feature description via email/text message. Then, they will self-monitor their own progress and success.

Source : Mayra Aixa Villar

HI A360s visitors,

I have developed my first ANDROID APP.

I am proud to say that now you can view my A306s blog on your Android phone. YES on your ANDROID PHONE.

To install A360s please follow the link on your mobile device:

Click here

Android logo

Happy AppMaking!







Apple lover, I am in process for your guys too 🙂

How to Set and Reach Your Goals in 2011

Ask few questions to your self:

  • Where Are You Now?

  • What Happened with Your Goals Last Year?

  • Where Would You Like to Be Next Year?

  • Ensuring You Make It

  • Your Goals (check it again….and again)


So what are you goals for 2011? ………………….Please share!


|| To All ||

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You can update to the latest release by using the download link provided in your original activation email.  You can also download the latest installer here. This is a free update for all Studio ’09 licensees.

Quizmaker ’09 Update 7 (3.3.1009.1313) was released September 16, 2010 and addressed the following items:

  • Fixed issue where a McAfee Anti-Virus bug would cause .NET applications to open slowly on first launch
  • Fixed issue where silent installations would take a long time in proxied environments
  • Fixed generic GDI+ error that could occur when saving and returning to Presenter

Quizmaker ’09 Update 6 (3.3.1005.1623) was released May 20, 2010 and addressed the following items:

  • Added support for publishing to PowerPoint 2010
  • Added support for deactivating
  • Fixed issue where Drop-Down boxes wouldn’t display Asian characters
  • Fixed issue where Print Results would only show last statement of Likert questions
  • Fixed issue where Print Results numbering would start at 2
  • Fixed issue where audio quality would not be updated on using the Save and Return to Presenter button
  • Fixed issue with Articulate Online and Answer Breakdown report for numeric questions with really long answers
  • Fixed issue where skipping a slide via branching would cause incomplete status in AO

Quizmaker ’09 Update 5 (3.2.907.1413) was released July 15, 2009 and addressed the following items:

  • Added support for H.264 MP4 video
  • Enhanced quality of inserted FLVs when scaled
  • Fixed issue where branching would not work if user skipped Essay question
  • Fixed issue where NEXT button would be labeled SUBMIT
  • Fixed issue where question data would not be sent in IE8
  • Fixed issue where Print Results didn’t print question data in IE8
  • Fixed JS error when clicking on hyperlink set to open full-screen in new browser window
  • Fixed rounding issue with passing score display on results slide
  • Fixed issue where quiz as tab in Presenter would not track question data
  • Fixed issue where emailed quiz results would be a month behind
  • Fixed out of memory issues when publishing some large quizzes
  • Fixed issues where likert scale questions don’t maintain custom scales when publishing to word
  • Fixed issues with LMS reporting when Submit One at a Time was selected
  • Fixed issues where slide numbers would show incorrectly in printed results
  • Fixed issues with bullets on different Operating Systems
  • Fixed issues where patterns were preserved when switching themes
  • Changed wording for Insert Flash to Insert Flash Movie
  • Fixed issue where really long quizzes would not prompt to resume locally
  • Fixed issue where Quizmaker would crash after rapidly inserting an FLV and saving question

Quizmaker ’09 Update 4 (3.1.903.321) was released March 4, 2009 and addressed the following items:

  • Added support for removing correct answer from quiz review
  • Added support for including quiz title in email results (as in Quizmaker 2)
  • Added support for Answer Level feedback in Word output
  • Added support for adjusting quality settings when editing a Quizmaker quiz in Presenter
  • Added support for removing question detail from printed results when review mode is turned off
  • Added switch to disable check for updates in registry
  • Added more robust support for really large quizzes
  • Added support for automated manual activation process to improve response time for email activations
  • Enhanced performance for large quizzes when using “Submit all at once” feature
  • Fixed issue where finish button would not work on Macs
  • Fixed issue where animation added to the master text area was not displayed at runtime
  • Fixed issue where Quizmaker would send blank email results when an answer contained an apostrophe
  • Fixed issue where numeric questions displayed feedback when “Submit all at once” was selected
  • Fixed issue where printing quiz results in Presenter presentation omitted date/time, student score
  • Fixed issue where shadow wouldn’t display on partially transparent PNG
  • Fixed issue where text would become small when switching between Form View and Slide View and adding hyperlinks
  • Fixed issues with points on “Submit All at Once” quizzes and numeric questions
  • Fixed issue where publishing to Word on non-English operating system would not work
  • Fixed issue with text crispness for bulleted text
  • Fixed issue where trial could not be extended more than once
  • Fixed issue where .QUIZ files wouldn’t launch when double-clicked while running “Repair” in the installer
  • Fixed issue where printed results wouldn’t work when published to CD
  • Fixed issue where clicking undo would switch view
  • Fixed issues where newline and quotes would cause issues with AICC reporting on a Mac
  • Fixed issue where Finish button would disappear when printing results
  • Fixed issue where underlines on misspelled words wouldn’t appear
  • Fixed issues with text formatting and bulleted text
  • Fixed issues where AICC files weren’t zipped when selecting ZIP from Publish Successful dialog
  • Fixed issue where only 9 Likert statements would be sent in email
  • Fixed issues where text answers would not be stored in resumed quiz
  • Fixed issue where objects wouldn’t be copied when changing theme
  • Fixed issues with updating Quizmaker 2 quizzes to Quizmaker ’09 when reporting and tracking contained an ampersand (&)
  • Fixed issue where feedback would shrink, not scroll the feedback dialog
  • Fixed issue where max characters wouldn’t work with Essay questions
  • Fixed issue where numbered list wouldn’t indent correctly
  • Fixed issue where publishing to CD then to Web wouldn’t remove CD files
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t alter Results Slide text in Slide View
  • Fixed issue where text wouldn’t display in Word Bank questions when switching animations
  • Fixed issue with exception when using format bar
  • Fixed issue with exception when user’s Application Data folder was read-only
  • Fixed issues with FLV in new window
  • Fixed issue with quiz loading in preview in Presenter
  • Fixed issue where hyperlinking bulleted text would remove some of the indent
  • Fixed issue where expanding groups would shift view
  • Fixed issue where duplicating question would duplicate wrong question
  • Fixed issue where importing questions into Quizmaker would remove lock to bottom
  • Fixed issue where Quizmaker wouldn’t launch when My Documents was mapped to weird folder
  • Fixed issue where Sequence Drag and Drop wouldn’t move up or down consistently
  • Fixed issue where FLV in new window won’t display in Presenter when published to CD
  • Fixed issue with alignment where –select– statements wouldn’t be vertically aligned
  • Fixed issue with Record Mic dialog header text
  • Fixed issues with Goes to URL in Firefox
  • Fixed issue with alignment of text in cubes
  • Fixed issue with exception when previewing Hotspot Question without a text box
  • Fixed issue where Quizmaker wouldn’t report correctly in Dokeos and some older Saba LMS versions
  • Removed Reset Sound button in Slide View
  • Removed the correct choice from shuffle of Sequence Drag and Drop questions

Quizmaker ’09 Update 3 (3.0.901.713) was released January 8, 2009 and addressed the following item:

  • Added support for silent installation to Studio ’09 installer.

Quizmaker ’09 Update 2 (3.0.811.3020) was released December 1, 2008 and addressed the following item:

  • Fixed issue with alignment of Likert scale radio buttons.

Quizmaker ’09 Update 1 (3.0.811.1819) was released November 19, 2008 and addressed the following items:

  • Added a single installer for all Studio ’09 products.
  • Added District of Columbia as a state under Registration.
  • Added a message if connection drops in Articulate Online when submitting results.
  • Added a message if session is expired and content is expired in Articulate Online.
  • Added “Do not show again” option for Flash Player warning when launching application.
  • Improved SuspendData for Learning Management Systems that use XML to package SCORM communication.
  • Fixed multiple activation issues.
  • Fixed issue where images would lose transparency copying and pasting from PowerPoint to Quizmaker.
  • Fixed link to Documentation under Help.
  • Fixed issue where Help links were not active in Windows 2000.
  • Fixed issue where activation would error.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t add a lot of feedback text.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t publish or preview.
  • Fixed issue where text in slide view would appear different in edit mode.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t edit text styling.
  • Fixed issue where cursor would remain an hourglass after previewing.
  • Fixed issue where you would get a time limit exceeded when looking at results page.