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How ridiculous these kids and young adults are about their phones. many of us have lost the good old days of human touch…

I have decided to put my phone down when my dear ones are near me.




Thanks a lot for eyeopener : films for action

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Digital learning has made education more interesting and engaging. Hence, teachers must learn to use technology as a classroom tool

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HI A360s visitors,

I have developed my first ANDROID APP.

I am proud to say that now you can view my A306s blog on your Android phone. YES on your ANDROID PHONE.

To install A360s please follow the link on your mobile device:

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Happy AppMaking!







Apple lover, I am in process for your guys too 🙂

Commute time may be spent more efficiently through listening to the local or national news, practicing a presentation or learning a foreign language.

Commuting to work can be very frustrating and draining, especially if one is regularly getting caught up in long tailbacks. However, it does not have to be a waste of time and using simple time management skills the daily commute may be used to one’s advantage.

Save Time Commuting – Listen to Local Music or National News (depends on your taste)
As both reading and writing are not possible whilst driving anything that can be listened to will help make the drive to work more bearable and efficient in terms of making the best use of this time. Turning the radio on and listening to either local or national news report will likely save both time and money as this negates the need to purchase either a local or national newspaper.

In addition, it is worth listening to regular travel updates as finding out about road closures, diversions or accidents up ahead will certainly save time as well as reduce the frustration associated with getting stuck for long periods of time on the way to work. Through minimizing stress during the daily commute it is also more likely that one will arrive at work less flustered, calmer and in a better frame of mind to face the tasks ahead.

Commuting Time-Savers – Practice a Presentation
As the saying goes, ‘The more you practice the better you become,’ thus the more time one is able to mentally rehearse or practice out loud the more finely tuned a presentation or speech will come across. Driving to work is an absolutely ideal time to spend practicing for an important presentation as no-one can hear what one is saying and therefore different inflections and various tones may be tried out without worrying that someone might hear.

Another practical way to save time on the commute to work is to pre-record a presentation or information required for a business/work meeting using a dicta-phone and play it back whilst driving to ensure essential information is remembered.

Effective Commuting Tips – Learn a Foreign Language
There are so many benefits to learning a foreign language both in terms of being able to offer the very best customer service and in terms of making business travel much more efficient and convenient. Also, learning a new language is also a really practical way to prepare for going on a foreign holiday. This will save both time and money as it is a lot easier to get better service when one is able to converse in the local language.

As learning a new language takes daily practice of speaking and listening, the drive to work is a perfect time to fit this in as no-one can listen in and it means that on a daily basis the brain is getting used to the new sounds, pronunciations and thus it is more likely that key phrases will be remembered.

As highlighted above, the daily commute to work does not have to be a waste of time as effective time management skills such as catching up on news and practicing presentations or learning a new language will all make the drive more efficient and productive.

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