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I have developed my first ANDROID APP.

I am proud to say that now you can view my A306s blog on your Android phone. YES on your ANDROID PHONE.

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Apple lover, I am in process for your guys too 🙂

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Learn Calligraphy

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Art, Calligraphy, Painting

Learn How To Draw Beautiful Lettering

from a teacher of the art of fine handwriting

Welcome to Chuck McGavren’s web site celebrating the art of fine handwriting.   Learn how to be a real calligrapher over the internet.  Just get a calligraphy pen, some scratch paper and practice.  In no time you will get requests to letter certificates, address envelopes, write special messages and prepare poetry and other items fine enough for framing.

Now, it’s time to learn one of the fastest ways to make your handwriting more interesting.

Ready for the first lesson? Learn about the special pens.

Special attention: how to get started with a steel nib in a holder.

Start with a script that is like italic handwriting: Chancery Cursive

Second lesson: lower case ‘a’

Third lesson: lower case ‘o’

Fourth lesson: lower case ‘c’

Fifth lesson: lower case ‘b’: working with ascenders

Sixth lesson: lower case ‘p’: working with descenders

Seventh lesson: Entire Chancery Alphabet. The complete alphabet, herein, continues what Lessons 2-6 started. Or get a better copy of this Chancery alphabet in PDF format. . . use this link if you would like a better copy (longer download, 253 KB).

Eighth lesson: Make a sample sheet of your alphabet (46 KB PDF file). Try to get a text that contains a variety of sizes and penwidths. Try flowing the text into curves, rectangular blocks of different sizes. This is a terrific

Scripts to try without all the letter-by-letter instruction:

Beginning students: Gothic alphabet

Beginning students: Gothic alphabet for left hand

Intermediate students: Gothic alphabet casting a shadow (left hand)

Intermediate students: Carolingian Minuscule (during the reign of Charlemagne) alphabet for practice with ascenders and descenders

Intermediate students: Insular Majuscule (Irish or, “of the Island”) alphabet for practice with ascenders and descenders

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Copyright © 2001, Charles McGavren

for more click here Learn Calligraphy.