Prashanth Pallemoni a.k.a unnayana

DJ Prashant

Operates in Bangalore. Associated act Schizophonic. Preferred gear (Own) Technics MK2 SL1200, or any Technics or Vestax turntable

Prashanth Pallemoni did the nineto- five rigmarole in Hyderabad as a software engineer more than twelve years ago, while secretly yearning to spin records on a turntable. As fate would have it – it almost always does – he knew people who knew people who were DJs, and thus began Pallemoni’s rather interesting musical sojourn.


Prashanth Pallemoni / UnnaYana @ Kitsch Mandi, Pebble




  1. Chimmy’s theme is surreal..just so calm …wait …wait the tempo just changed. Later the tech elements create something so lovely. Great work.

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